Linggo, Abril 1, 2012


Hey, everyone!

A few days ago, we've posted about Dawn's recent college graduation.
To celebrate this special moment of her life, we teamed up with Wear Mauve to create this awesome giveaway!

 We really wanted to make this giveaway extra special so we contacted Wear Mauve who was introduced to us by Jariss of Fashion Firewoman to sponsor this. When we first saw their items - from necklaces, bracelets and rings to iPhone cases, we really fell in-love with them! They were so unique and colorful (some are so fitting for the summer!) that we want to share these awesome finds with our readers. Go check out their items for sale HERE.

So Wear Mauve sent me these beautiful accessories to be given away to some lucky winners for this giveaway (yes, i said winners. rawr).
Gorgeous, aren't they?
 Dawn actually wanted to keep the necklace! Hahaha!

This giveaway is open to Philippine Residents only.

There will be 3 winners on this giveaway:

1 - Randomly selected

2 - The person with most likes on their Facebook post
(more about this as you go further along the post)

3 - The story Dawn and Liz likes the most.

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