Linggo, Abril 15, 2012

Animal print dress x House of Luxe

Me wearing this lovely accessories from House of Luxe , dress made by my dearest Mom and my shoes i bought from Manels. ;)
I take this photos before going to my cousins party since i love to wear something special and eye catching . i tried to match these accessories from my outfit. Looks sassy huh? ;)

 Here were the items i got from House of Luxe . super Fab!

And Now for my 1st Upcoming Giveaway heres what 1 lucky girl would have plus a surprise gift (bag) from me :)

The lovely cream and gold necklace . Look just like mine on my picture above.

and this cute and very unique rings that can be worn in all occasions ;)

i'll be posting it soon. i would have 3 giveaways . stay tuned. <3

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