Huwebes, Abril 5, 2012

Circle lenses giveaway for a good cause!

Why save water? Why is it important?
Water is essential to all life on earth. However, we take it for granted and we sometimes forget that it is not an unlimited resource; once it is used, it is gone.

Reducing our usage helps provide a steady supply of clean, fresh water for you and for future generations. It also helps lower water costs so in the long run, you can use that money to buy more makeup, food, games, etc. Saving a little can add up to saving a lot of water and energy over time, so imagine how much water we can save if we all reduce our usage!

(click the image to open a new window to save)

Giveaway items:
2 x Circle lenses, any brand except ColourVue
2 x Animal cases for lenses

How to enter: (Open internationally!)
  1. "Like" Lensvillage on Facebook. (+1 entry)
  2. Must be a public follower of my blog. (+1 entry)
  3. Make a pledge on what you will do to help conserve water. (+1 entry)
  4. Follow me on twitter @emiemilyy. (+1 entry)
  5. Tweet about this giveaway. (+1 entry)
  6. Create a new post about my giveaway on your blog and link me the URL in the comment. (+1 entry)
  7. Have my giveaway on the sidebar of your blog and link me your blog URL in the comment. (+1 entry)
  8. Reblog this entry on Tumblr and let me know what your username is OR link me the URL in the comment. (+1 entry)
First 3 options are mandatory. Pledge ideas and the preferred tweet message will be provided in Rafflecopter.

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