Huwebes, Abril 5, 2012

MY Saint Rebel :)

Saint Rebel Boutique do any Alternative accessories, handmade with LOVE :) 

This was their last collection of Sugarstone Shorts . Looks great right? ;)

For their Accessories. They have those cool necklaces that can be used for casual and party. They only have those last pieces of accessories ,because  i can say they really looks awesome  :)

And Now !!! Heres what i got from them . because i won they're Giveaway. They launch the giveaway to thank the likers for supporting  their  Facebook account here . These items costs 1200 and thank god im lucky :)
  This is the Crescent Shaped Earrings with a magnetic closure. cool huh.! :)

 While this one that im wearing here is the Afterglow : Its made of gold spikeson a black box chain. This will be perfect to wear in night outs.

 And lastly the Cougar : This is a faux fur bag on a long chain and will definitely make u look classy chic.

Im to glad to make a pose for this items :) Sorry for the background . hehe.

If you want to see what they sell just click this : or

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