Lunes, Hunyo 3, 2013

Micro Drive offers 64GB Micro SDXC for only $35

Micro Drive added a 64GB Micro SDXC on their website, and the good news is its on SALE! This 64GB Micro SDXC costs around $50-$60 on other online stores. Everyone wants to have something that is  great on quality or value but low on price. Micro Drive really gives the great deals on every digital storage device.

  • ​MicroSDXC
  • 64GB Capacity
  • Ultra Fast Class 6
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Like any flash memory card, it can be used to store various types of files, including photos, videos, music, or software not just once but a thousand times. The small micro SD format is ideal for smartphones and other thin devices. There are adapter cards that allow a micro SD card to be used in an SD card slot. This is a convenient way to use a micro SD card with a card reader on a PC or laptops, to transfer files between a PC/Laptops and a phone.
    Full size SD card adapter included. 

     Micro Drive offers 64GB Micro SDXC for only $35 , and it is FREE SHIPPING with 2 Years Warranty. When you order a 64GB Micro SDXC the Full size SD card adapter is included, no hassle on connecting your sd card to your pc, laptops or tablets so its very environmental friendly. The products price on sale is very reasonable.

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