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Halloween Giveaway: Apple iPad Mini 32GB

During our pre-Halloween celebration which we conducted by means of a spectacularSamsung Chromebook giveaway, we asked our readers on how can we improve in terms of design, content and so on. Honestly, we felt overwhelmed at the statements we have received – both good and bad criticisms.
In terms of design, I noticed some people with great eyes that noticed some of the things that we must renovate here. Of course, we put all of your comments on our consideration and currently brainstorming those fruitful ideas.
In terms of content, aside from looking for design-related tutorials, most of you voted that we must conduct more gadget giveaways in the future which is we can’t disregard.
Halloween Giveaway: Apple iPad Mini 32GB

Apple iPad Mini Giveaway

Due to phenomenal public demand, here’s another gadget giveaway brought to you by with special participation of Web and Graphic Design Resources,Home Budget TipsPlaces and Spaces and Online Tech Magazine. (We are starting to plan our Christmas giveaway so if you want to be part of it, contact us.)
This Halloween giveway will not also be possible with your $5 donation to our last giveaway so we heartily thank you.
Join our Halloween celebration by entering our giveaway to get a chance to win a brand new Apple iPad Mini worth $429. If you do not want the gadget, you can choose to claim the money worth the device. Or, you can add more money to upgrade the price to 64GB. It’s up to you.
Who can enter?
Anyone, of any age, living on planet Earth can enter to win the iPad mini. There is absolutely no restriction. If you know how to use a mouse, a trackpad, or a Multi-Touch screen, then consider yourself eligible for this iPad mini giveaway.
How to win?
This giveaway will be run through Rafflecopter. See below on how to grab your entries:
Editor’s Note: All complaints regarding the number of tasks on RaffleCopter won’t be entertained as you are not obliged to complete it all. However, in order get more chances of winning, you must complete the tasks as long as you can.

Grab the Sponsor Code:

Sabado, Setyembre 15, 2012 - About them :) is an online fashion clothing wholesaler. They are suppliers of many wholesalers and boutiques worldwide.

They supply most wedding apparel, fashionable clothing & Korean style ladies’ apparel internationally.  They understand that fashion market wants unique and special ladies clothes, so  they  are always adding beautiful new styles to our collection. Please come and visit their site regularly to see what we have updated.  They  pride on offering exceptional low wholesale price but good quality at the same time.  They  provide fantastic service and still work hard to improve.
Because of their fantastic goods and service, 90% of their new customers would place their next orders.  They  are one of the most reliable fashion wholesalers and want to create long-term and concrete relationship with their customers.

So how was that. ?? They are very famous in terms of wholesale Clothes. I have found their shop when i was trying to find clothes that are cheap yet fashionable. I can say that their clothe lines are very unique for a cheap price . 

I can rate it 10/10 . Since I have found out that they have so many shop all over the world and they are very quick in responding about questions on their shop. 

I have picked some of their tops from their Wholesale Womens Clothes that i like to have , i hope you guys would love it too. :)

Women New Style Fashion Individual Picture Broken Hole Fake Two-piece White Lycra T-shirt One Size@WH0170w

Women Fashion New Style Long Sleeve Scoop National Flag Printing White Cotton T-shirt One Size@WH0163w

Women Autumn Winter New Style Fashion Korean Style Long Sleeve Scoop Letter Printing White Cotton T-shirt One Size@YY6A9821w

yay! these tops are very lovely that i would really drool to have one. :)
These are part one of my review about them. stay tune for more. since i really want you guys to have much idea about them. 

Visit their shop here at

Wholesale Clothes 
Wholesale China Clothes
Wholesale Mens Clothes
Wholesale Womens Clothes
Wedding Dresses
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Wholesale Clothes
Wholesale China Clothes
Wholesale Mens Clothes
Wholesale Womens Clothes
Wedding Dresses
Special Occasion Dresses

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Giveaway: Win a Brand New 16GB Apple iPod Touch

Before we reached our first year anniversary last July 2012, we are actually planning to conduct a simple giveaway to show you our gratitude. The month has passed without the said giveaway due to the lack of budget. In short, we decided to postponed it. But now, we are 100% certain that we can continue this unfinished business.
Today, we have some great news to all of you. We are launching our anniversary giveaway and everyone is free to join. Enter our 1st anniversary giveaway and get a chance to win a brand new 16GB Apple iPod Touch. See more details below.
Giveaway: Win a Brand New 16GB Apple iPod Touch

How to Win:

1. Follow us on Twitter: @designrshub, like our Facebook page and Subscribe to ourEmail Updates. (1 point each)
2. Tweeting this: I joined @designrshub Giveaway: Win a Brand New 16GB Apple iPod Touch OR share this post on Facebook. (1 point each)
3. Leave a blog comment telling me where you will use this iPod Touch. Don’t forget to leave a valid email address when filling out the comment form so that we can contact you if you’ve won. (1 point)
4. Make a short blog post about this giveaway. You should link back to the giveaway page. (10 points)
5. Add this banner to your sidebar:
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You will get 10 points per day! We will verify your blog everyday. (Must not be a dummy blog)

Biyernes, Agosto 31, 2012

Be Dereks new Anna!

Hey Guys  have you watched Anna’s rejection video to Derek here?? 
The first time i watched this. i was like, How can she do such video. She really has the guts to do a video that can reject Derek's heart. She is harsh in that way, so to help CHEER UP DEREK. Why dont you lovely girls join this...... 

Hey Girls there's more! i will first show you Derek's Video for Anna Banana. He is so cute and he looks funny and adorable. :) watch it HERE
Im correct right? How can he be broken hearted with that awesome video.!

Now lets watch how his parents supported him in his video. They are so wonderful . i love this very supportive parents . watch it HERE. :)

Pretty ladies !!!! We can help Derek find a new " Anna " ! I know you guys really want be that one :) Gosh i only hope i am only 16 hahahaha. Heres my cousin Ruby Jalmasco . She is beautiful " black beauty " and also has a beautiful heart. She's only 14 years old and i think she can really be the new Anna :)

Now i want to ivite you girls to Be Derek’s Next Anna by going to All you have to do is submit a video entry on why they should be Derek’s new Anna! If you win, you will be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial and also take home a Samsung Ultrabook.Thats really COOL ! 

Join na girls. Lets help Derek :) 

Miyerkules, Agosto 29, 2012

Help the victims of flood.

After more than a week of daily downpour, Metro Manila and other provinces experienced more than 472mm of rain within 22 hours this August 7, 2012, surpassing the 455mm of rain brought down in 24 hours by tropical storm Ondoy. PAG-ASA then raised the Red Alert on Metro Manila, a warning for heavy to intense rainfall; however this could not have prepared most citizens for the steady and heavy downpour that followed.
This is a record event in Philippine history as there was actually no storm in the country; the heavy rain was caused by the southwest monsoon. Major parts of Luzon experienced major flooding, brownouts and cancellation of classes and work in private and government sectors. Residents living near creeks, rivers, and dams were quickly transferred to nearby evacuation centers for safety. As of this writing, thousands of families are awaiting for the rains to stop so they can return to their homes and rebuild their lives.
For sure most of you are aware on what has happened to our fellow Filipinos for the past few days. Habagat has devastated thousands of families with floods all over the metro. And if you are feeling grateful to be one of the lucky ones who wasn’t affected by this calamity, you can also help by donating any amount that can sure help those who are in evacuation centers survive a day or two. Paypal and text donations are accepted.
God Bless!

Lets all help by giving clothes that are just excess from our closet and donate food . they need us. !

Biyernes, Hunyo 15, 2012

Giveaway #2 : Dream Big Shop

Dream Big Shop is one one the best online shop where you can purchase korean fashion wear like clothes and very unique shoes for beautiful dreamers :)

Now for the giveaway ! They sponsor 200 worth of GC for Two lucky readers. This will be totally useful to lessen the amount of your picked clothes or shoes.

The rules are simple. Just complete the task below. :)
Mandatory are with * :
* follow My blog through GFC . ( LOCATED AT THE LEFT SIDE )
* Follow my twitter account @rachelchi_beybe
* TWEET : " Two winners will get GC from @dreambigshop! Join @rachelchi_beybe 's Giveaway now "
Dondon Luna Novels FB PAGE: HERE
3.) Subscribe to Dreambigshop's FB account HERE
2.) Follow dreambigshop on twitter @dreambigshop
4.) Add Dreambigshop on Multiply: HERE

PS: Dont forget to comment below your :
fb NAME:

thats it . this giveaway will End at July 30 :) GOOD LUCK!

Biyernes, Hunyo 8, 2012

50 Followers Giveaway

Yay i already have 50 followers . Thanks to you lovely ladies for supporting my blog and giveaway :)
and to thank you guys for being so active. I will host another giveaway and of course its a loot of accessories again to be fashionably beautiful. This has been sponsored by Belle and Beau Collections ! and G&K Online Boutique :*

Heres what the Winners will get. yes you read it right, there will be two winners again . hahaha

For the Set A:

For the Set B Winner:

Both winners will also receive a 10% Discount voucher :


Fill up the Rafflecopter below. Dont forget to do the First 5 Mandatory steps and Leave your Name, Email ADD, Tweet and FB post URL's :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Belle and Beau Collections : Review

Belle and Beau Collections sell accessories for all kinds of girls, ladies, women out there ♥ .

They give only the best style of accessories that will make a normal lady to be a glamorous one. This review is about what they sell to the lovely ladies and give you a very pleasing night by showing some very fashionable items :)

Be beautiful and free! ♥

This are my picks for their newest collection " Candy Craze"

The Jawbreaker

 The Pixie Sticks
This is the SUNFLOWER 

Next picks were from the "Golden Drama Season 3"

Since i love the style of these necklaces i have more photos to share. haha

This is Victoria

This is Colleen
 This is Gabrielle

and for my last pick of their collection. This are some of their " June Collection"

This are the cutest accessories i have ever seen even though through photos hahahah :))

So there you have it. My picks at Belle and Beau's . So visit their FB page now and SHOP :)

Quality is the most important .

Biyernes, Hunyo 1, 2012

My Firmoo Sunglasses :)  - World's Most Popular Online Eyeglass Store, RX Eyewear from $8.00. First Pair Free for Try.
Our mission is to offer the most affordable yet high quality RX eyeglasses to fashion lovers around the world.
Company Overview is a World's Most Popular Online Eyeglass Store that offers various high-quality, fashionable & professional but affordable eyewear. First Pair Free for Try.

And Finally i have my very own Sunglasses from them. I get this from winning a blog's giveaway HERE . Since im a second prize winner. I have won 5 Sunglasses from FIrmoo . 

This are the 5 Sunglasses. 

For the first Sunglass this is the code #OTO2503 . i already give this to my mom since she loves the style. 

The Second Sun glass . although it has already been out of stock. I give this to my older brother. :) 

This is the Third Sun glass . My favorite color. YELLOW! :D
of course this is mine ! :)

Then the fourth Sun glass. This one is also mine .i just love this design. 

Yeah i know im frikkin HOT ! :P

For the last Sun glass. I picked this style so that i can give this to my Dad. :) 

That's right. I take shots with my mom. :) 
WE look like sisters hahaha. aww

Thank you so much Firmoo and Ms Paige :)