Biyernes, Hunyo 8, 2012

Belle and Beau Collections : Review

Belle and Beau Collections sell accessories for all kinds of girls, ladies, women out there ♥ .

They give only the best style of accessories that will make a normal lady to be a glamorous one. This review is about what they sell to the lovely ladies and give you a very pleasing night by showing some very fashionable items :)

Be beautiful and free! ♥

This are my picks for their newest collection " Candy Craze"

The Jawbreaker

 The Pixie Sticks
This is the SUNFLOWER 

Next picks were from the "Golden Drama Season 3"

Since i love the style of these necklaces i have more photos to share. haha

This is Victoria

This is Colleen
 This is Gabrielle

and for my last pick of their collection. This are some of their " June Collection"

This are the cutest accessories i have ever seen even though through photos hahahah :))

So there you have it. My picks at Belle and Beau's . So visit their FB page now and SHOP :)

Quality is the most important .

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