Biyernes, Agosto 31, 2012

Be Dereks new Anna!

Hey Guys  have you watched Anna’s rejection video to Derek here?? 
The first time i watched this. i was like, How can she do such video. She really has the guts to do a video that can reject Derek's heart. She is harsh in that way, so to help CHEER UP DEREK. Why dont you lovely girls join this...... 

Hey Girls there's more! i will first show you Derek's Video for Anna Banana. He is so cute and he looks funny and adorable. :) watch it HERE
Im correct right? How can he be broken hearted with that awesome video.!

Now lets watch how his parents supported him in his video. They are so wonderful . i love this very supportive parents . watch it HERE. :)

Pretty ladies !!!! We can help Derek find a new " Anna " ! I know you guys really want be that one :) Gosh i only hope i am only 16 hahahaha. Heres my cousin Ruby Jalmasco . She is beautiful " black beauty " and also has a beautiful heart. She's only 14 years old and i think she can really be the new Anna :)

Now i want to ivite you girls to Be Derek’s Next Anna by going to All you have to do is submit a video entry on why they should be Derek’s new Anna! If you win, you will be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial and also take home a Samsung Ultrabook.Thats really COOL ! 

Join na girls. Lets help Derek :) 

Miyerkules, Agosto 29, 2012

Help the victims of flood.

After more than a week of daily downpour, Metro Manila and other provinces experienced more than 472mm of rain within 22 hours this August 7, 2012, surpassing the 455mm of rain brought down in 24 hours by tropical storm Ondoy. PAG-ASA then raised the Red Alert on Metro Manila, a warning for heavy to intense rainfall; however this could not have prepared most citizens for the steady and heavy downpour that followed.
This is a record event in Philippine history as there was actually no storm in the country; the heavy rain was caused by the southwest monsoon. Major parts of Luzon experienced major flooding, brownouts and cancellation of classes and work in private and government sectors. Residents living near creeks, rivers, and dams were quickly transferred to nearby evacuation centers for safety. As of this writing, thousands of families are awaiting for the rains to stop so they can return to their homes and rebuild their lives.
For sure most of you are aware on what has happened to our fellow Filipinos for the past few days. Habagat has devastated thousands of families with floods all over the metro. And if you are feeling grateful to be one of the lucky ones who wasn’t affected by this calamity, you can also help by donating any amount that can sure help those who are in evacuation centers survive a day or two. Paypal and text donations are accepted.
God Bless!

Lets all help by giving clothes that are just excess from our closet and donate food . they need us. !