Biyernes, Hunyo 15, 2012

Giveaway #2 : Dream Big Shop

Dream Big Shop is one one the best online shop where you can purchase korean fashion wear like clothes and very unique shoes for beautiful dreamers :)

Now for the giveaway ! They sponsor 200 worth of GC for Two lucky readers. This will be totally useful to lessen the amount of your picked clothes or shoes.

The rules are simple. Just complete the task below. :)
Mandatory are with * :
* follow My blog through GFC . ( LOCATED AT THE LEFT SIDE )
* Follow my twitter account @rachelchi_beybe
* TWEET : " Two winners will get GC from @dreambigshop! Join @rachelchi_beybe 's Giveaway now "
Dondon Luna Novels FB PAGE: HERE
3.) Subscribe to Dreambigshop's FB account HERE
2.) Follow dreambigshop on twitter @dreambigshop
4.) Add Dreambigshop on Multiply: HERE

PS: Dont forget to comment below your :
fb NAME:

thats it . this giveaway will End at July 30 :) GOOD LUCK!

Biyernes, Hunyo 8, 2012

50 Followers Giveaway

Yay i already have 50 followers . Thanks to you lovely ladies for supporting my blog and giveaway :)
and to thank you guys for being so active. I will host another giveaway and of course its a loot of accessories again to be fashionably beautiful. This has been sponsored by Belle and Beau Collections ! and G&K Online Boutique :*

Heres what the Winners will get. yes you read it right, there will be two winners again . hahaha

For the Set A:

For the Set B Winner:

Both winners will also receive a 10% Discount voucher :


Fill up the Rafflecopter below. Dont forget to do the First 5 Mandatory steps and Leave your Name, Email ADD, Tweet and FB post URL's :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Belle and Beau Collections : Review

Belle and Beau Collections sell accessories for all kinds of girls, ladies, women out there ♥ .

They give only the best style of accessories that will make a normal lady to be a glamorous one. This review is about what they sell to the lovely ladies and give you a very pleasing night by showing some very fashionable items :)

Be beautiful and free! ♥

This are my picks for their newest collection " Candy Craze"

The Jawbreaker

 The Pixie Sticks
This is the SUNFLOWER 

Next picks were from the "Golden Drama Season 3"

Since i love the style of these necklaces i have more photos to share. haha

This is Victoria

This is Colleen
 This is Gabrielle

and for my last pick of their collection. This are some of their " June Collection"

This are the cutest accessories i have ever seen even though through photos hahahah :))

So there you have it. My picks at Belle and Beau's . So visit their FB page now and SHOP :)

Quality is the most important .

Biyernes, Hunyo 1, 2012

My Firmoo Sunglasses :)  - World's Most Popular Online Eyeglass Store, RX Eyewear from $8.00. First Pair Free for Try.
Our mission is to offer the most affordable yet high quality RX eyeglasses to fashion lovers around the world.
Company Overview is a World's Most Popular Online Eyeglass Store that offers various high-quality, fashionable & professional but affordable eyewear. First Pair Free for Try.

And Finally i have my very own Sunglasses from them. I get this from winning a blog's giveaway HERE . Since im a second prize winner. I have won 5 Sunglasses from FIrmoo . 

This are the 5 Sunglasses. 

For the first Sunglass this is the code #OTO2503 . i already give this to my mom since she loves the style. 

The Second Sun glass . although it has already been out of stock. I give this to my older brother. :) 

This is the Third Sun glass . My favorite color. YELLOW! :D
of course this is mine ! :)

Then the fourth Sun glass. This one is also mine .i just love this design. 

Yeah i know im frikkin HOT ! :P

For the last Sun glass. I picked this style so that i can give this to my Dad. :) 

That's right. I take shots with my mom. :) 
WE look like sisters hahaha. aww

Thank you so much Firmoo and Ms Paige :)